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When justice needs to be served, we are here to offer the services of our competent and experienced lawyers. Marianne Skipper Law has been around for years helping the citizens of Petaluma, CA and the surrounding areas reach a fair and just solution to their legal issues. Our rates are affordable and our reliable lawyers will always devote their full attention to any case you bring to our attention. The following is a list of services we offer. We hope it helps you choose the service best suited to your current needs.

Legal Separation

Legal Separation

Family Law – This is a field of legal practice related to legal issues involving family relationships. This may include cases such as divorce, emancipation, adoption, child custody, and many more. We understand that all of the subjects involved in family law are delicate and of extreme importance to our clients. This is why we always do our very best to ensure a just and beneficial outcome for our clients.

Criminal Defense – You can turn to us if you have been charged with criminal activity. We will utilize all the information, knowledge, and other tools at our disposal to best represent you in the court of law.

Personal Injury Cases – This branch of legal practice pertains to parties claiming to have sustained physical or psychological injuries from another party due to violence, negligence or work in an unsafe environment where the proper safety regulations were not being met. We are fully capable of representing your interests in such matters.

Child Custody – In cases of divorce or legal separation, the matter of child custody must be solved if the child or children in question are under the legal age of adulthood. Each lawyer on our team has had extensive experience with cases of this nature and our success rate is quite high. We are certain we can help you obtain the most favorable result.

Civil Unions – First created to facilitate a legal union resembling marriage for same-sex couples, civil unions have become much more widespread in recent years. If you wish to obtain the proper licensing and paperwork, and subsequently form such a union, we will be glad to help you achieve this goal.

Divorce Cases – Divorce proceedings can be long, complex, and may involve many detailed processes such as division of assets and child custody hearings. We can help make this difficult process a bit easier for you by assisting with the necessary paperwork and ensuring that your rights are being fully observed.

If you require any of the aforementioned services Marianne Skipper Law can provide, contact us today at (707) 605-0595 and book an appointment with our representative. We are available to all clients in Petaluma, CA and the adjoining areas.

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