Do You Need a Family Law Attorney?

If you’re thinking of getting a divorce in Petaluma, CA, it’s best to hire a family law attorney at Marianne Skipper Law to help you out. While it would still be possible to go through a divorce on your own with the help of a family law specialist, the process will be much easier for you if you hire one. If you do choose to try and do it yourself, there are a few things that you should know about the process, and these include:

The Complexity of the Process

You may think that it’s easy to get a divorce, but the process is actually not as simple as it seems. There are multiple things you need to do to prepare for the process, and if you just jump the gun, it could lead to more problems. For example, if you and your husband cannot agree on anything and you end up in a court battle, your husband or wife could try to fight dirty and say that you wanted to leave the marriage, but you didn’t have the means to do it.

We have years of expertise and have dealt with numerous cases just like yours since 2013. You can trust that we are knowledgeable on how to handle them, and we will win your case with flying colors.

The Stress and Emotions You’ll Go Through

You may think that getting a divorce would be easy, especially if you are going through it because of the main reason that you two are separated, the marriage isn’t working anymore. However, the actual process of getting a divorce can be quite emotional for you. You would go through a roller-coaster of emotions and you would feel both happy and sad, mostly sad. This is normal, and you should be prepared for it as it will definitely affect your decisions.

If you do want to save your marriage, get a family law attorney in Petaluma, CA to help you out. Marianne Skipper Law is one, and you can reach us by dialing (707) 605-0595. We will be happy to assist you.

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